avatar halloween costumes a great halloween costume idea for 2010

It is needless to say that selection of proper costume is essential for Halloween party. However, when choosing the costume, quite often we get confused. This year, James Cameron’s blockbuster movie, “Avatar”, has surely made our job simple. Let me explain a few great costume ideas from that movie.
Neytiri Costume
The female members can dress up like the powerful princess of the Na’vi, Neytiri, of the planet Pandora. Her costume features a dramatic bodysuits with the blue striped skintone, a gauntlet, beads and the gray apron. It is also a good idea to wear wig and shoes like her. Neytiri costumes look very mysterious for the bluish shade and the stripes. The girls will surely feel like the perfect woman of the movie “Avatar” in this year’s Halloween party.
Jake Sully Costume
The boys and other male members can transform themselves to become a citizen of the planet Pandora by dressing up like Jake Sully. This costume includes a jacket, pant, and a mask. Accessories like the popular Jake Sully wig and Na’vi spear and bow can be used to complete the warrior like look and to become the charming companion of Neytiri.
Trend for Halloween Costumes
The Trend has all along included movie and TV serial inspired ideas. According to the trend on Google insight, movie and jokes are likely to predominate in 2010 as well. Ancient Greek costumes from the “Clash of the Titans”, or, Dastan and Princess Tamina of “Prince of Persia: Sands of Time”, or, “Shrek Forever After” costumes can also be the inspiration. However, like the way the science fiction movie “Avatar” dominated the 82nd Academy Awards by winning three Oscars, the costumes from that movie are likely to command this year’s parties.